Five Things You Should do When Planning a Celebration of Life

After receiving those bad news that a member of you family has departed, the other thing you think about is how to plan a funeral. If after those news you find that you cannot afford a funeral then you could plan a celebration of life. If it happen that you are the one planning the celebration, you need to know how you are supposed to handle the pans. These 5 steps will help you in coming up with funeral send-off ideas for celebrations befitting the departed soul.

Think about the memory capsule. That is a great way of making sure that you have everyone who attends the celebration involved with the celebrations. There are various ways that you can help everyone to be involved. You can allow everyone attending the celebrations to come with some time that reminds them of the departed person. There is a lot to bring. It could be anything from a precious jewelry to a piece of paper with some song relics. Some of the people can give the story behind the item s they brought. All the items could be put in a box and buried in the place where the person liked to spend most of their time.

Another thing that you can do to celebrate the life of the departed is to plant a tree. It is a wise thing to do to anyone who loved trees. The tree should be planted in a spot that the person who has died loved most. It is god to let those who have attended the celebration say something about the person before planting the tree.

A third thing that you can do about the celebration is to have a sky lanterns. The activity involves lighting a night sky lanterns to honor the departed soul. You need to gather the people around and have them write some words on a piece of paper. This is better done when the sub sets so that when you light the lanterns it can look great. Everyone needs to light the papers and release all of them at one. You need to sit back and watch what happens until the last piece.

Another thing that you can do is to have a personalized remembrance take away. You can think of having something precious that you can give all the attendees for remembering the deceased. The fifth thing that you can also do is to either prepare a playlist or video tribute. You can ask the attendees to send you some pictures in advance. That way you will be able to make good arrangements before everything begins. You can make the event successful you allow other people to help you with the preparations as well.

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