Steps to Designing a Challenge Coin

If you are trying to come up with a challenge coin, then this is the best website for you. In most cases, challenge coins are used in organizations to increase the morale for their team members. It is such an honor to get such a task. But, the organization will expect a perfect design from you. Read on to learn how the best challenge coins are made.

It is vital first to know the purpose of the challenge coin. Over the years, challenge coins have been known to have a rich and fascinating history. Furthermore, their value has never diminished. Creating your challenge coins will come in handy in keeping the heritage. While determining its end purpose, it is more advantageous to know who it will be given to. For example, a Commander’s coin is designed for military organizations and are worn by soldiers who have attained specific career goals. Challenge coins might also be used during fundraising. Having an idea of what the challenge coin will be used for is the first step to getting the perfect design.

You need to take time to brainstorm ideas. Creativity and designing challenge coins go hand in hand. As you brainstorm, list down the things you will want the coin to have. It is more advantageous to check out other coins for inspiration purpose. Most preferably, check out the Commander’s coin. It is beneficial to look at all options at your disposal. With such information, you will have an easier time determining the concepts that work or do not work for you.

After having opinions, you need to proceed with the designing process.

You can start by sketching out your ideas. By sketching, you can understand how all your desired inclusions will be placed and how the layout will look like. You can either use a paper and pencil or design software.

The next step is to customize the artwork. This is a crucial step as it ensures the coin remains unique for the particular organization. You, therefore, need to make a design the is personalized to the organization it is representing. The Commander’s coin is specially made to suit the military department and not fundraising. You have the freedom to put a logo, animal or flower as a customized artwork.

You can use the opportunity to determine if the coin needs some color. You do not have to copy options such as the Commander’s coin that have color. It is possible to meet the end use while simplifying things. At the back of your mind, recognize that color influences the look and cost of the coin.

You will also need to identify the right size and shape for the coin.

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